HDMI Cable

Within every system we build, HDMI components are patched together using Tributaries™ HDMI cables. Built with large gauge wires positioned where it is most crucial, the UHDP-Pro-HDMI cable has the most headroom of all Tributaries™ cables. We never skimp on cheap cables and neither should you. Tributaries™ is the cable of choice for any distance.



Jacket is UL CL2/FT4 rated for in-wall use. Guarantees 4K/60 UHD HDMI signal transmission. Elegant black and blue woven jacket .5 meter - 3 meter
Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando, FL USA
HDMI Certified High Speed to support 4K/60, Deep Color, Ethernet, Extended Audio Channels, CEC and ARC
DPL Labs 4K Certified 4K / Earned Seal of Approval
Go! Active Technology is employed on longer lengths to ensure signal integrity
Passive cables available in .5 meter - 4 meter and guaranteed 4K/60 data rates of 18Gbps
Active Cables available 5 meter - 15 meter and guaranteed 4K/60 data rates of 11.1Gbps
Power Grip connector is tight fitting without the death-grip hazard of locking connectors
Small size connector (25mm) about the size of a Quarter

Cable Shielding:

Aluminum Mylar Facing Outside, 100% Coverage 25% overlap
Braided Shield, 85% Coverage / Tinned BC


Color - Black
Material - PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Mesh Jacket - Black & Blue on .5 meter - 3 meter
Outside Diameter - 6.0 mm
UL Listing - UL CL2 / FT4
EU RoHS Compliant - YES